Red Sea Road – Devo #5

Happy Friday!  Thank you so much for doing this with me this week.  I have very much enjoyed exploring these songs and the scriptures God has highlighted through them.  Today we finish our time on Ellie Holcomb’s album, “Red Sea Road”.  We’re going to be looking at the second to last song from the album.

Devo #5 – “Living Water”

Okay, so something you may not know about me if you don’t know me personally or we’ve never had a conversation is that I am very Passionate about the water crisis.  I actually went on my first international mission trip last year to help drill a well in a small town in Guatemala.  I wen with an organization called Living Water (huh?  See what they did there!)

So when I looked at the track listing for this album the first time, this song grabbed my attention.  And when I listened to it…it grabbed my soul.  I love that it is so applicable to real water and the Living Water that is Jesus the Christ.

We find the reference to Jesus providing Living Water in the Gospel of John.  Jesus has sat down by a well to rest and a woman comes out to get some water.  Jesus asks her for a drink and the woman gets a little violent.  She wants to know why Jesus would dare to ask her for a drink when her people are not allowed to associate with Jesus’ people.  That’s when Jesus replies:

“If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked Him and He would have given you living water.”  (Jhn.  4:10, ESV)

The woman argues with Him just a little bit, but after Jesus tells her some of the benefits of the water thatHhe is offering, the woman replies.

“‘Sir, give me this water…”. (Jhn.  4:15, ESV)

That’s why I love Holcomb’s song.  The last part of her song, her power driven bridge rocks me to my very core!  Imma write it in all caps because we should yell it from the rooftops in joyful proclamation!



God, that is my prayer to you today.  My prayer selfishly for myself…but also my prayer for anyone who has made it to these words!  You are a good, great God and you are huge and able!  Now fill us God.  Give us that initial drink of you from somewhere, then let that drink fill us more and more each day, create within us a well of your water Papa.  And let us overflow!  Let us splash you joyfully on everyone we meet.  Now be with us as we enjoy our weekends.  And bring us back next week for new devotions from different servants you have blessed with the gift of music.  You God…you get all the glory for these things.  You are amazing.  You are beautiful.  You are love.

We adore you!

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