Red Sea Road – Devo #4

Hello!  Welcome to day four of our new adventure in faith and music.  I hope you’re enjoying reading this as much as I have enjoyed putting together.  Today, we’re going to look at track 9.

Devo 4 – “You Love Me Best”

There are so many things that I love about this song, but I want to focus on one particular part of this song.  This a beautiful song that refers to everyone who can possibly love us.  It talks about the tru love of a mother.  She smiles with us…she cries with us…and then the line of truth breaks in.

“Ooh.  But You.  Love me better.”

Now, if you’re like me, sometimes I have a problem with the idea that God loves me more than any of the people in my life.    I have an incredibly close relationship with my parents…and it is hard for me to let my mind go to a God that loves me even more than they do.  That is why I like this song.  It does say that God loves us more (although that is true).  It says He loves us better.

That is not hard to grasp.

The God that sent His only Son and a part of Himself to brutally die, undeniably loves me best!  This song brings us back to a simple truth that is best expressed in the scripture in a tried and true verse.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”  (Jhn. 3:16, ESV)

So, go into this day knowing that no matter whose love lets you down today, and because we are human it will happen…God loves you best.  And I encourage you to spend some time today wrestling with the truth that God loves you more.  Let that illustrate your worth and let these truths give your heart rest from the striving to be enough.

Because, to the God that loves you…you are enough.

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