Ellie Holcomb’s “Red Sea Road”

In case you haven’t noticed this on my blog yet, I truly adore music.  It puts me in tune (pun intended) with God, myself, and those around me.  I am currently enrolled in a program to receive a graduate level certificate in worship leadership.  Since I want to be involved with music, I figure I should start keeping a closer watch on big songs and releases in Christian music.  So I’m following the Billboard charts “Hot Christian Songs” and “Christian Airplay”.  I’m also going to start watching new releases through an awesome website (newreleasetoday.com).  And I’m planning on utilizing this information on my blog in multiple ways, but the first is this.

I’m going to listen to the newest releases and pick my favorite/the one that speaks to me and do a five day set of devotions with each day’s devo being based on one track from the album.  I think this will be awesome!

I listened to all of the new album releases for the week of February 3rd.  The one that I fell in love with was Ellie Holcomb’s new release, “Red Sea Road”.


Now again, I’m going to be posting a devotion each morning of this week with a devo surrounding one song from this album.  (If you want to hear the music, check her out on Spotify or trust my judgment and buy this CD.  If you like worship and breathy vocals…you’ll love it.)  The first post will appear this Monday.

May the love of other drive you to Jesus…and the Love of Jesus change your life.

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