On the Internet…True is Rude.

Oh well.

I figured I might as well start this off honest.  And I believe this statement.  On the internet…true is rude.  So I want to say some things about what has been in the news this week.  And I honestly don’t very much feel like dressing up my words to make sure they don’t offend.  Maybe we’re past that.  I’d rather be honest with you than humor you. Okay?

First things first…meet Ed.

I don’t have a picture.  But I met Ed in November while I was in Houston, Texas.  I went and checked out Ecclesia church while I was there.  I’m a big fan of Chris Seay and I knew he had a church in Houston so I looked it up and went to a service before I went and boarded my plane.  It’s a beautiful re-purposed warehouse.  Everyone was friendly with their looks…but nobody spoke to the stranger in the third row.  Except Ed.  Ed spoke to me.  And Ed was very vocal about his homelessness.  Ed does odd jobs wherever he can find them and Ed loves Ecclesia because of their ministries to the homeless.  He isn’t only vocal about his homelessness…he is also very passionate about the other homeless of Houston.  Thousands of them.  He’s like a walking journal article concerning the homeless population, homeless outreach centers, and homeless laws and regulations of Houston.  He was a delight to talk to and seemed genuinely upset that I wasn’t able to stick around for Ecclesia’s come-as-you-can lunch (where you pay as much or as little as you can).

And speaking of Syrian refugees.  Oh, we weren’t?  Well…lets.

Again, feeling super honest today so how bout we get down to brass tacks here: I’m tired of the politics.  I don’t have a high tolerance ever…but considering I was listening to the rude representations of each side while in the hospital with my dying father…yeah.  Short fuse is an understatement.  And at this point…it’s driving me even more crazy.

Speaking of Syrian refugees.  I’m going to put this next bit in all caps so nobody misses it.  I’m not yelling…I just want to make sure I’m heard (ooh…that’s a whole other post!)  I DO NOT APPROVE OF THE REFUSAL TO LET SYRIAN REFUGEES INTO OUR COUNTRY.  ALTHOUGH I HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS ABOUT FLINGING WIDE THE GATES.  IT’S A TRICKY TOPIC…BUT NEWS FLASH: IT WOULD’VE BEEN A TRICKY TOPIC FOR OBAMA, OR CLINTON, OR ELMO, OR CLINT EASTWOOD, OR TINA FEY, OR THE TREE IN MY FRONT YARD.  No…not that one…that one.  Now that we have that out of the way…

The Constitution of this country gives people the ability/responsibility to gather peacefully in protest (Yeah…Imma skip right over the non-peaceful ones for the purpose of this post.)  But I have a question:

The protest ends…the problem doesn’t.  So what are YOU going to do about it?

Do you understand what I’m saying?  March on cities (peacefully) for the refugees.  Rock on!  Stand up for what you believe is right!  But when you’re done marching…do you go home and order that $200 pair of shoes you’ve been watching, or do you go to Red Lobster and drop $50 for a meal that you only eat half of and throw the rest away, or do you go buy your 400th DVD (truth: I’m preaching to me too).  Don’t miss what I’m saying here: the protest is going to end but the problem isn’t.  Not without some help.

Google: “How can I help Syrian refugees” and find yourself bombarded.  You can send money through Unicef, you can send money and medical supplies through Samaritan’s Purse, you can adopt a child, you can adopt a woman.  You can help in a lot of different ways but the important thing is YOU CAN HELP.  You don’t need the President’s permission and you don’t have to stand in line with cardboard signs.  All it takes is money (again…another post for another time).

Which brings me back to Ed.

The Syrian refugees most definitely need assistance.  But what about Ed?  What about the thousands of homeless in Houston.  Just Houston!  We have a problem of thousands and that’s just in one city in our own country!  And can I share with you something that Ed told me?

What’s today?  Today is the 51st Super Bowl.  The Atlanta Falcons are going head to head with the New England Patriots.  Football!  ‘Merica!

Today’s Super Bowl is being played in Houston, Texas.  A city, as it turns out, that has thousands of homeless.  And on this day, from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm…if any of them are seen on the streets…they will be arrested.

Oh no.  No, no, NO!  You aren’t skipping past that.  Me either.  Read it again.

If you are one of the thousands of homeless in Houston, and you are caught on the streets in 16 out of 24 of the hours in this day…you will be arrested.

Wondering why?  Can I tell you?  Because television broadcasting.  Because thousands of fans coming to Houston to watch a football game.  And who wants to see a homeless man while they’re trying to get their nachos?  Oops.  There’s that honesty again.

Quick question…where’s the march?  Where’s the protest?  Oh I’m bouncing up and down in my chair right now!  I need to know.  Donald Trump said no to refugees.  Trump haters unite.  Everyone said no to the homeless of Houston…people who live on the streets being kicked off the streets.  Where are the lovers?  The haters of hate?  Hate haters…where are you?  Watching the game.  Why…what’s going on?  Oh…well, you know.  Your Syrian refugees still need help and if you’ve forgotten them maybe you’d like to take care of the people in your own country?  I don’t really have time.  Commercials man.  I can’t miss the commercials!  It’s the Super Bowl!  Oh yeah, and all those organizations spent a whole lot of money on these commercials!  Exactly!  Money they could’ve used to house the homeless…or assist the refugee.  FUMBLE!!!

This tidal wave of words is subsiding.  My heart beat is returning to normal.  Let me get a drink of water … … thanks.

Here is what we need.  We need to grab our picket signs…and we need to stand.  But when the time for standing is over.

Put your picket sign back in the garage.  Then grab your boots…and we need to trudge.  Trudge right out into the mud the others around us are trudging through, the mountains their trudging up, and the wars they’re trudging in.

When we’re not standing for them we should be trudging with them.

So find a way to give to the Syrian refugees (I will too).  And find a way to assist the homeless community in our own country (I will too).  And hold up our President in prayer because like him or not he is our President for the next four years…and holding him up is all we can do about it (I will too).  And by all means hold. him. to. it.  (I. will. too.)

It’s time for action.  It’s time for movement.  It’s time for trudging.

Thank you for letting me preach.  And I hope you enjoyed meeting Ed.  He is a pretty amazing man.

Go Falcons.  Love you Ed.  Jesus lead us.  God bless us.

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