One-Way Conversations – Devo #1


This is an album I have been waiting for, for a long time!  And…it did NOT disappoint.  Hollyn is an awesome young lady and I see a long career for this twenty-year-old female powerhouse.  Again, this is her first full-length album…so let’s check it out.

Devo #1: “Can’t Live Without”

Tell me you listened to the song!  Just click that link right up there and check it out.  This girl is on fire.  I mean seriously…Hollyn is on point.  But that’s enough praising her.  Let’s follow her heart and her voice as they point us straight to Jesus. Continue reading

Canopy – Devo #5

Perfect timing on this song!

Devo #5: “Siblings”

Oh y’all know I had to talk on this one for a minute.  Turn on the news for a half a second and see that we’re a culture of haters.  A generation of see ya’ laters.  It truly breaks my heart.  And the thing about music in general but especially the rap you hear on the radio is…it adds to that.

Lets just stop and have a quick history lesson.  Did you know that originally, rap music was solely protest music?  Against the government, against inequality, against the things that were keeping lower class urban families down.  Now?   Now it adds new shackles to their arms and feet. Continue reading

Canopy – Devo #3

This song tho!  It’s about exactly who you think it’s about.

Devo #3: “Purple Dinosaur”


Yeah.  That just happened.

Oh y’all.  I’m so excited about this song.  Nobigdyl. points out that the message of the theme song for “Barney” really is an awesome one especially in this day and age.  I think we can all agree, however, that song is a little…irritating?  Yeah.  That’s a good word for it. But it is a message we definitely need to hear and be sharing!

“I love you and,
and you love me, yeah,
that’s how it be, yeah,
that’s how it be, yeah.”

To be entirely honest.  I don’t have any other words.  Go check this song out and go into your day with peace.  Thinking on these words:

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another.  In the same way I loved you, you love one another.  This is how everyone will recognize that you are my
disciples – when they see the love you have for each other.”
(John 13:34-35, MSG)

Canopy – Devo #2

Good morning!  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s devotional.  And I’m assuming you did since you’re back again today.  The first day was the first track and the second day is the second track!

Devo #2: “Burn”

I love the raw honesty of these clean rappers and this song is the perfect example.  This song is all about jealousy.  Oooh…I’m hittin’ on a nerve with somebody here I’m sure.  (Probably just me…).  Nobigdyl talks about not being able to feel content because he is trying so hard to be as good as everyone else in the rap game.  And not just as good…but better.

Continue reading

Ain’t God Funny?

Good morning lovely people!  I hope you all slept well last night.  I personally slept in an upright position in my favorite chair from 11 to 3 this morning.  Right?!?  But I feel very well rested now.

When I got up this morning, I started a new weekly tradition for myself.  I poured a cup of coffee in my jazz mug.  I sat down at my computer and pulled up Spotify, Billboard, and New Release Today.  I’m in school right now to become a worship leader and I decided that I definitely wanted to start keeping up with Christian music again.  More on that later.

I started two playlists on my Spotify account for two Christian Billboard charts.  “Hot Christian Songs” are the songs that fall in the “Christian” genre that people are really loving and “Christian Airplay” are the songs that are in that same genre that are getting lots of airtime on your local radio station.  I keep two running playlists of the top ten songs on both those charts.  So I’m looking at the latter chart and I start laughing. Continue reading

Canopy – Devo #1


Here’s the truth.  No lie.  I’m going to choose the albums I want for my blog for devotions each week.  Which means you are going to exposed to some music you probably wouldn’t have listened to otherwise.  I have a very wide range of musical loves and you’re getting exposed to that early because this week’s CD is a rap album.  Now, the fact is, I hesitate calling these guys “Christian rappers” for two reasons.  First…I know they don’t like it; and second…I’ve heard a lot of preachers speak recently on the fact that the divide between secular in sacred should not exist.  God created all…all is sacred.  While we can choose to defile things, we shouldn’t choose to dissect them into secular and sacred. That being said…I really love Christian rap.  This is a new artist I had actually never heard before this week but his rhymes are awesome, his music is amazing, and his lyrics are spot on.  So this week’s devotions are from some rap.  Now…if that’s something you can’t handle…I look forward to seeing you back next week!  But if you’re up for something new…then let’s get into it! Continue reading