Bahora Bahora.

I graduated from college in 2014.  It has been two years now since I had a report due, a project to finish, or a paper to write and I have learned something truly fantastic since that time…


No seriously.  I really love to read.  It is amazing how much more enjoyable it is when you get to pick what you read!  So I’m always on the lookout for a new book.  And as someone who is always on the lookout for a new book and someone who loves to read…my other house of worship is Barnes & Noble (before you overreact…this is not sacrilege.  I grow as close to God perusing the shelves and reading my devotions at the cafe as some people do with a long walk.)

So one day, when I was dealing with a particularly large amount of…stuff…I went to their Christian Living section to see what caught my eye.  I found a few titles I liked, but the one that really interested me was by a man named Jonathan David Golden.  The cover was a beautiful mountain range and the title of the book was simply:  Be You.  Do Good.  Having the Guts to Pursue What Makes You Come Alive.  I.  Love.  That.

I’ve been working through its pages a couple months now. It is a great read…an easy read…but it demands attention to detail.  (Speaking of detail, don’t think I forgot. Today’s song is “Farther Along” by Josh Garrells from his album Love & War & The Sea In Between.)  With this demand, attention is given, and with this attention, a new phrase was learned just yesterday.

Bahora Bahora.

Jonathan David Golden is the owner of a Rawandan coffee company.  Bahora Bahora is a Rawandan phrase meaning, “One step at a time”.  One…step…at…a…time.

He tells me in his book, that the opposite of bahora Bahora is the phrase vooba vooba.  This one means “Get it done now”.  Getitdonenow.

Can we agree that these phrases are very good to know for our lives?  We are encouraged frequently to live bahora Bahora but this rat race and all the things we need to get done in a day drive us to live vooba vooba lives.  

So what?  I had a professor in college who loved this simple question.  So what?  She would teach us a concept and then ask us what it meant.  When someone regurgitated back to her what she had taught us, she would smirk at them and say…”So what?”.  So what?  Why bahora bahora?  Why vooba vooba?

Because I read this yesterday.  And last night I noticed a Facebook message from a dear friend.  She was reaching out to me over the loss of my father.  She lost her husband not that long ago so she knows two things: (1) what I’m going through and (2) to not say she knows what I’m going through.  She just tells me what has helped her.  Things that encourage her.  Thoughts that she has.  And then she signed the letter

“One day at a time.”

Bahora bahora.

And I immediately knew what today’s blog post was going to be about.

Whether you are learning what life means now that you’ve been divorced, lost your job, experienced abuse, or are dealing with the grief of a death life lived vooba vooba will not only not help you…it will make things worse. Also, I’ve seemed to notice, the more I try to live vooba vooba the more bahora bahora everything gets!  I slow myself down.  So shouldn’t I just slow down myself?!

But what does that look like?  Well…bahora bahora divorce could look like taking the time to deal with emotions and scars before moving on in your life and your other relationships.  Bahora bahora job searching could look like taking a class on building a better resume and networking to use the resources of people that God has given you.  Bahora bahora abuse recovery, whether physical or substance, would look like distance.  It would look like moving away from that person with the help of folks around you and/or local law enforcement and removing yourself from the presence of drug or alcohol with the help of like-minded recoverers.  And bahora bahora grief looks like me.  It looks like waking up every morning and arming yourself with honesty to be able to answer when people ask “How are you doing?”  Today…I’m normal.  Tomorrow I could be devastated.  Bahora bahora is not stopping and never moving again…it is just the life act of taking the time that it takes to live the best life you can live.

The life God has planned out for you.

So go.  Life that life.  Live big, beautiful, brassy, bold, and of course…bahora bahora.

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