From Where I’m Standing…

From where I’m standing, the world isn’t flat…but it’s lowly.  It’s beneath me, and far beneath me.  It’s not just that it is a couple degrees lower than I am.  It is like we exist on two completely different planes.  I exist far above it…and it tries to exist far beneath me.

And from this vantage point I notice some things.  First of all, it’s on fire!  Shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown give this lowly land an appearance of passion.  Burning passion.  Fiery passion.  I exist far above it, closer to God and farther from the inferno.  But there is something about this passion of colors that causes me to wish that I could fall deep within its heat.  

Next, I notice that there is more noise here.  From high upon my precipice there is the sound of wind whipping through these hollow, hallowed, hallways reminding me of this fact: I’m alone.  There are birds here.  They fly over me, around me, and under me.  They sing to one another in a language I cannot understand.  And it saddens me…and it maddens me.  Down in the valley, the lowly, the fire…the wind can’t reach them and the birds get still there.  It is more fiery, it is more full, it is more quiet, it is more friendly.  There are other people there in houses…in homes.  I am lofty and lonely while they are friendly and familiar.  I have what I think I want while they have what I know I need.  I guess what I’m trying to say is:

From where I’m standing…I’d rather be standing somewhere else.

Suggested Listening: “My Church” by Maren Morris

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