trust vs. Trust

I experienced something amazing Monday morning.  I spent the weekend in Charlotte with some very dear friends watching the Mediocre Bowl (not really super I’d say).  But the lack of offensive prowess this past Sunday is not what I’m here to talk about.  Monday morning, I woke up early and headed out.  Had some wonderful breakfast at Caribou Coffee while doing my daily scripture feeding.  I’m telling you, the word of God comes alive with a cup o’ joe, the low hum of strangers, and the light whisper of soft rock caressing your ears.   Continue reading


My little community just experienced a tragedy; the community I live in as a whole, but especially the community I worship in.  A young man lost his life.  He is a cop, a young adult, a friend…a son.  His parents are in my Sunday School class which is giving me an up close reunion with grief and grieving.  Out of sheer exhaustion and preparation for the final preparations, they were not in class Sunday morning.  Which was good.  It was food for our class and for them.  They deserve a moment of rest that was all their own.  And our class deserved to dive into the scripture and look for answers that they wouldn’t have needed to hear at this time.  Our teacher did an amazing job at attacking those questions and answers.  I was late, so I’m not fully sure where he started…but I know where he ended.

Genesis. Continue reading