The Sound

Take a stroll around this blog and you’ll probably notice something very quickly.  I like music.  No but like…a lot.  No matter how bad a day or a mood, music can turn it around.  I’m writing this at 8:30 in the morning and I’m sitting in a bean bag chair across from my Crosley Musician listening to Benny Goodman and all is well.  I take my iPod to work and walk around with it in my back pocket playing tobyMac or Stars Go Dim or Walk the Moon or Jess Glynne or whatever I’m in the mood for.  And if I’m not listening to someone else’s music, I play my own.  What I usually tell people, is that I’ve been writing songs since the 6th grade.  I’ve been writing GOOD songs since the 9th grade.  (I once wrote an ode to my retainer in the 6th grade…so I had nowhere to go but up.)  Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is this: I like music.

But I’m not sure it feels the same way. Continue reading