Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

This is bullcrap.

Who knew the blog post about the confederate flag would be less offensive in its whole than this one in its first sentence.  But it was time someone said it.  People have been using that cliché for years and its time someone called the bluff.  I personally…I break the sticks.  And I can take a hammer or just throw it right and break a stone.  But words cut me faster than a sword.  This has always been true but has gotten even worse in recent years.  How is that?  What do I mean?  Let me explain.

You see, we are in a day controlled by technology.  I don’t call you.  I tweet.  I don’t come see you.  I like your instagram.  So in this age of broken down communication, how can it be that this problem of word-cuts becomes even worse?  Isn’t it obvious?  We no longer see the point in taking the time out of our day to actually speak something into your life.  So when that choice is made, it makes those words that much more potent.  I looked up from my screen long enough to tell you this: you’re inadequate…you’re misunderstood…you’re wrong.  These words were once just another sound in a vortex of spoken heartbeats.  But now…in a sea of glowing screens and faces these are the stray waves that splash up in your face.  So cold, it takes your breath away.

I didn’t start this post out planning to address this so soon.  But here I go.  These word-cuts are why I am deleting my Facebook page on July 15th.  I don’t like who I am when I’m on there.  I don’t like the ones I love when I read what they post on there.  I see things I don’t want to see.  Facebook has stolen much of my innocence and I’ve given too many second chances only to see it worsen by the day.  I intend to have better things to do with my time…so I’m looking forward to the 15th.

But lets get back to word-cuts.  I want to encourage you, dear reader, to remember the power of your words.  Whether on the screen, the page, or released into the oxygen in our world, words have an immense power.  It is up to you whether your power will be used for good or evil.  And if you want them to be used for good…you have a hard and noble fight before you.  That is an easy declaration….but not an easy acquisition.  I wish you the best of luck and I want you to know you are not the only one.  I am a warrior for the words myself.  Because too many people remember the old adage.  They think that their words have nothing to do with quality of life.

But they are wrong.
So I am here to kill the cliché.
I am here to set the record straight.
I am here to say this truth:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but only words can kill me.

Think before you speak.  Save a life.

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