Eggs with Carole King


Yellow eggs.  White noise.

My favorite piece of “furniture” in my basement apartment, is my Crosley CR704C Musician.  I got it for Christmas a few years ago along with some Harry Belafonte, Hank Williams Jr., and Johnny Mathis.  My record collection has now grown to include ABBA, Helen Reddy, Bonnie Raitt, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Bob Seger, Judy Collins, Glenn Miller, and those are just my favorites.  I’m that 25 year old that likes to sit on an Appalachian State beanbag while listening to her Frank Sinatra 45’s.  I digress…

I slept sort of weird last night.  I was supposed to go to sleep at 11:00.  So at 9:00 I started watching an episode of one of my favorite Disney Channel shows.  (I’m also that 25 year old.)  I had my feet elevated on some pillows and my golden retriever, I was still in my daytime clothes, had all the lights on, kicked back on the couch.  At exactly 11:00…I woke up like that.  Laughed.  And fell back to sleep.  The next time I woke up, it was 4:44.  So I got up, got in bed, and went back to sleep until 7:00.  Now, before I fell back to sleep, for some reason, I decided that for breakfast today I was going to scramble up some eggs.  Which I did.  But I also decided that scrambled eggs would go really well with Judy Collins or Carole King.

So this morning, I scrambled up a couple farm grown eggs (having hay in your egg carton actually makes them taste better) with some green onions, garlic salt, lemon pepper, and coarse ground black pepper.  I also had some coconut water, some chop block bread with salami, and mediterranean dipping oil for the bread, while I listened to Carole King sing about the greatness of “Simple Things”.

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