Kale and Cole

This is a summer of new things.  I claim it in the name of me.  I will plant my flag on high places.  I will make my mark.  I will write, sing, and if the moment calls for it…I will dance.  I will take naps in a hammock, explore with a dog, and read every chance I get.  I will read all the books.  I will try new recipes and I will try new food.  I will pretend to be a vegetarian.  I will go on trips with friends. I will hike.  I will fall down.  I will stand back up.  At the end of this summer, I will have more stories.  More scars.  More smiles.  More miles.  More mountains.  More hammocks.  More water.  More bug bites.  More energy.  More exhaustion.  More words.  I will drive down the road singing along with Mat Kearney while just behind me a golden retriever’s ears flap in the wind.  I will pick up my best friend and load two more window loving dogs in my car and walk until I can’t breathe and be glad I did.  I will make a two hour drive to see two people who never fail to make the butterflies in my heart dance.  I will miss the third one when she can’t join us and act like even more of an idiot when she can.  I will spend more time with two cousins who make me laugh.  We will play video games upside down.  I will go to Walmart at 1:00 in the morning.  I will go to work.  I will go to sleep.  I will go.  I will choose the train tracks over the walking trail.  I will choose the farther walk over the shorter one.  I will choose the salad over the sandwich.  I will choose the water over the sweet tea.  But not always.  I will choose God over all.  Always.  I will see Him in the little things, I will praise Him in the great things, and I will honor Him in all things.

I realized all this yesterday while I ate my lunch.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Kale and Quinoa salad with feta cheese and was cooking that up while listening to Nat King Cole sing some…kind of country songs.  (Including “Skip to My Lou” which was hilarious by the way.)  As I ate my Kale and listened to Cole, I realized this is the summer of new things.  This is the summer of more.  So raise your organic celery juice, your tea, your Merlot, or whatever you have: here’s to more new!


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