WORD TO THE WISE: Dog cake, Hymns, and Telepathy


I must apologize to you for missing last week’s “word to the wise”.  I know your week suffered tremendously because of it.  But Paul tells us in Colossians that we should rejoice in suffering.  And that word can also be translated to laughter.  So laugh at your suffering and lets move on!

Dog Cake

I mentioned on my Facebook (which you should’ve already liked but if not…DO IT NOW) that this past Thursday was my dog’s birthday.  My little Lord Stewart Rigsby turned two/fourteen!  Now, you may be thinking, “Oh no.  She’s one of those people who make cake for their dogs.”  Well, I’ve never been that girl before.  But let me say some things on my behalf.  First, since as far back as I can remember I wanted an inside dog but my parents said no.  Then, in October of 2012, I posted on Facebook that I wanted a puppy.  A dear sweet family friend wrote me and said her mother had just rescued a puppy abandoned in a junkyard and asked if I was interested.  I was interested.  She sent me pictures…and the rest is history.  We picked him up two days later…and last Thursday he turned two/fourteen.  I took him to the dog park with my best friend and her two dogs (his best friends).  There are several lessons my dog has taught me.  First of all, I rescued him from the literal garbage.  Isn’t this the same thing God did for us?  Random fact, in biblical times there was a “landfill” near Jerusalem where trash constantly stayed ablaze.  The name of this fiery dumpster?  Hell.  God saved me from the junkyard and gave me a new home.  Secondly, God really really wants me to be happy!  I wanted an inside dog before I wanted a prince charming.  And God provided.  If the birds don’t harvest yet they eat…if the flowers don’t sew yet they’re robed…if God granted a puppy…how can we doubt He will give us the things we NEED?


Last night, my mom and dad and I performed at a local church.  We put our program together with the help of a hymnal.  We did a few “folk songs” with the special Lowe flavor on them, but mostly we did hymns.  Gosh I love hymns!  Can you beat those sweet old words?  “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!”  “Precious Lord, take my hand.  Lead me on, help me stand!  I am tired.  I am weak.  I am worn.”  “Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee: How great Thou art!  How great Thou art!”  I encourage you to listen to some hymns today.  But really listen!


First let me say this — I forgot why telepathy.  While I was writing this I TOTALLY forgot what telepathy was supposed to mean!  I prayed that I would remember, I shuffled about, and then (in an attempt to make something up) I remembered what it meant.  God is so good isn’t He?  Anyway…telepathy.  I am working through a devotional right now called “Live Second”.  It is a daily reading combined with weekly videos from the I Am Second campaign.  (An amazing thing if you haven’t checked it out, click here.)  Thursday’s scripture was from the book of Luke.  Chapter 22.  Jesus has been arrested.  I do not remember having ever heard verse sixty-three before.  “The men who were guarding Jesus made fun of Him as they beat Him.  They blindfolded Him and said to Him, ‘Tell us who hit you.'” (Luke 22:63-64 GW).  This broke my heart.  But the longer I thought…the more I realized.  He never spoke.  But He knew.  You know that feeling you get, when you know someone is watching you?  Can you imagine being a Roman guard, beating an innocent man…the Son of God, asking that question, and knowing with your whole being that behind that blindfold…His eyes were pointing at you.  He never said a word.  But He knew.  He never said a word.  But they all heard Him.  He never said a word.  And now we must.

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