WORD TO THE WISE: Manna, Judas, & Smash Mouth.

"The Gathering of the Manna" Peter Paul Ruben c. 1625

“The Gathering of the Manna” Peter Paul Ruben c. 1625

I’ve realized recently that everybody has a Social Media spirit animal.  This idea forced me to realize that I am an Instagram.  I love to post short, stupid videos that make people smile…I love taking pictures of EVERYTHING (twice) [except food] {except sometimes}.  I am an Instagram…hear me roar!

My most popular posts on Instagram are called my “Wisdom Videos”.  I was bored one day and wanted to do something and this was what I came up with…

Everybody loves them.  It’s going to haunt me till the day I die.  But since everyone loves them, I thought I’d let them spill over onto my website.  So, every Sunday I’m going to post “Word to the Wise”.  I’ll talk about cool things that happened during the week, things I learned at church and in Bible study, and general awesomeness that I feel like everyone should know.  So that’s what this is…and today, two of my topics came from the sermon my Pastor preached this morning…and he never mentioned these two things.  Let me explain…


This morning, our pastor Cory spoke on the big themes of Jesus’ sermons.  One of those topics was bread.  In the sixth chapter of John, the people ask Jesus for a sign saying, “At least our ancestors had the manna from Moses.”  Jesus replied to them, “Moses didn’t provide any bread!  But my Father did…and now He has provided again.”  Then Cory said something that caught my attention (If he’s reading this, he ALWAYS catches my attention.  It’s just that this touched a cord with me.)  He said that Jesus was telling the people that God always provides.  For Easter, I got a special edition Bible that I’ve been wanting for a while.  It goes in depth on the names used for God in the Bible and I’ve been using it to pray to God concerning the needs of people using the name for God that best fits their situation.  Yahweh Yireh is the God who provides.  This is the one I always remember.  The God who provides.  That’s when I realized that of the other like…six Hebrew words I know, one is Manna.  Manna means: “What is it?”  Then I did some quick word math and realized this truth: Yahweh Yireh Manna.  God provides what is it.  Healing, comfort, peace, finances, protection, bread…God provides what is it. While we may not always understand how He provides for our needs…God.  Provides.  What is it.


So Cory did actually speak on this this morning.  But what I realized was my own epiphany.  We antagonize Judas, why wouldn’t we?  If someone were the reason your friend died, you wouldn’t talk about how nice they were to your friends.  Cory reminded us today that, from the very beginning…Jesus knew what Judas would do.  So why did Jesus let him in the group?  Why didn’t Jesus cast Judas aside?  Well, if Jesus were to cast aside everyone that would not act perfectly…we’d be in trouble wouldn’t we?  As Cory talked on I found new meaning behind an old cliché because of Judas.  “It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it.”  I’m thankful for Judas this Sunday.  Judas helped Jesus save my soul.  If Judas hadn’t betrayed Christ, something else would’ve happened because Jesus came for the cross.  It was a tough, horrible, agonizing job…and Judas had to do it.

Smash Mouth

I’m studying the book of Acts right now.  This week I was in chapter 11 where the word “Christian” is used for the first time.  Did you know, that in the entire Bible, the word “Christian” is used three times?  But do you know what word is used repeatedly through out the New Testament and incessantly in Acts?  Believer.  So I don’t want to be called a “Christian” anymore.  Now I’m a believer.  And maybe you want to be too.  But as I found out (again this morning at church) this doesn’t make anything easier and may make everything harder.  There is believing that means you think the right things.  Things like: Jesus died for me, there’s only one God, He provided Manna and Judas, etc.  And then there is Believing that means you think the right things to the point that it changes the way you live your life.  Things like: Jesus died to save my life, the one true God loves me and knows my name, He provides what is it and fulfills my every other need, and so I will live my life in a way that glorifies Him.  Let’s be those Believers this week.

God bless us,

– Maggie –
1 Thess. 5:28