Concert Announcement

So…big news for me as I prepare to perform again at Mayfest in Pilot Mountain this year!!! I’m very excited! Mayfest has quickly become one of my favorite street fairs and I look forward to it every year! My first time performing at Mayfest was 2009. I always perform on Sunday, and it is always Mother’s Day. So In May of 2009 I was a freshman at Appalachian and I went to all the girls on my floor asking them about their moms. I took everything they said and wrote a special Mother’s Day song that I do each year at the festival. It’s a great time. Since my ministry is maturing and expanding, some new things will be happening during my set this year! For more about that…you’ll have to check out our Facebook page! 🙂 There is an event page for this performance and I’ll be posting fun facts and information about this performance regularly! Look forward to seeing you there!

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Cover Tree

Cover Me, Cover Tree

Cover Me, Cover Tree

So, I told you about my first experience as a worship leader.  One of the things I enjoyed (that I never though I would) was playing other people’s music.  Doing covers…if you will.  So I wanted to share some of my covers with the world.  So here’s what I’m doing.  Go to facebook and like my music page (Maggie Lowe) and every week I’m going to start holding some voting for Cover songs that you want me to do.  I’ve been VERY sick recently so I posted up some voting a couple weeks ago and I am finally feeling better enough to get around to it.  It was between Britt Nicole’s “Gold”, “Jesus in Disguise” by Brandon Heath, and “How He Loves” performed by David Crowder Band.  “How He Loves” won out so be sure to stay up to date on here and on our Facebook page to suggest songs, to vote, and to watch the videos when they’re done!  Peace and love!