OH How He Loves!!!


Yesterday, I had my first experience leading worship.  It was a women’s retreat in Dobson, NC and it was the first time I played more songs by other people than original songs that I’ve written.  And I didn’t hate it at all!!!  I had always said I didn’t want to do that but I really enjoyed it.  In fact, some of the songs I did spoke to me more than anything I’ve ever sang before!  But anyway.  It was truly an amazing day!!!  The women there were wonderful.  Truly wonderful.  A chorus teacher I worked with in high school was there, one of my favorite ladies I never knew was there, my babysitter’s sister and niece were there, and the speaker was outstanding!  As far as the music was concerned, I wrote a couple of songs especially for the event, but I also did “10,000 Reasons”, “Oh How He Loves”, “Heaven Song”, and some others.  But “Oh How He Loves”.  I didn’t have access to an orchestra or a piano or an electric guitar or even percussion.  It was just me and my Taylor.  And it was a truly amazing experience.  I can really lose myself in that song when I’m singing it.  It was such a tremendous reminder of God’s love, His presence, and His purpose.  And now I am SO looking forward to doing more events like this in the future!

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